Hyundai Bodyshop with 400 Repairs Per Month

A true turn up from business stagnancy to growth in 9 months. Revenue increased by 26 million annually
Bodyshop with 400 repairs a month
This bodyshop is located at Mumbai India catering to mass segment product.
The business was operational from the past 15 years.

The Challenges :

During our initial assessment of this business we have identified several challenges as mentioned below:

  1. Able to achieve only 50% of their potential
  2. Overall sales are in a decline more over a period of six months
  3. Customer complaints are high as15%
  4. Internal and external repeat/ comebacks jobs are 24% put together
  5. Very high vehicle Turn Around Time
  6. Very high employee attrition
  7. Stagnant business inflow
  8. High customer attrition

The improvements made:

After 3 months of our engagements as business consultants to this bodyshop, the numbers have started to improve. After our business process implementation over a period of six months, the bodyshop regained the path of business growth. One key achievement at this was to reduce the shop- floor working time from 12 hours to 8 hours and have the same amount of production with our robust production management techniques.

Currently, the bodyshop meets its monthly business target regularly and on their way to meet their business potential.

Behind the scenes:

We can undoubtedly mention that the early success was because of the excellent alignment of ours with the top management of the dealership. They have whole-heartedly implemented our recommendations and suggestions and also motivated the team to look at a bigger picture. Also, we thank the bodyshop team for their willingness to change and support during implementation and also for faster adaptation

Mumbai India
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