Jaguar & Land Rover Bodyshop in Metro City

Overall revenue increased by 28.8 million annually with a marginal increase in the number of repairs
Collision repair of luxury vehicles in a metro city
This bodyshop is located in a metro city in India and catering to luxury vehicles of a very reputed brand.
The business was operational from the past 5 years.

The Challenges:

During our initial assessment of this business, we have identified several challenges

  1. Stagnant business growth
  2. Declined sales of labour and parts as per the industry norms
  3. Very high vehicle Turn Around Time
  4. Very high repair TAT
  5. Manpower attrition
  6. Low market penetration

The improvements:

We could gain momentum in 3 months of consulting at this site. The overall sales which were 6.7 million before we intervene in their business got increased to 8.9 million per month with our intervention with a very marginal increase in the number of repairs.  The revenue leaks got arrested by implementing our robust estimation and negotiation processes. Also, we could minimize the lead time between the processes by educating the middle management team, as an after effect the TAT became under control.

Also, we have implemented some long term as well as short-term customer retention measures, which the implementation is underway also brought in an upward effect to the overall business.

After our business process implementation over a period of six months, the bodyshop regained business stability. Moreover, we could control the manpower attrition.

Currently, the bodyshop meets its monthly business target regularly and commenced their way to meet their business potential and improving the market share

Behind the scenes:

We could quickly sensitize the management team and gain their confidence in the opportunities available. We designed the job flow in such a way that the bodyshop doesn’t require any further investments. We helped the bodyshop to gain the confidence of the channel partners by demonstrating the benefits which can be gained mutually

The team rose up to the situation and quickly adopted the changes, which resulted in meeting the business objectives and employee and customer satisfaction

Bodyshop Business Consulting