NewHyundai Bodyshop with 200 Repairs Per month

Attained business stability and commenced to grow in 6 months. A site with infrastructure limitations. Revenue increased by 11 million annually
Medium Size Bodyshop
This bodyshop is located at Mumbai-India catering to mass segment products.
The business was operational from the past 8 years.

The Challenges:

During our initial assessment of this business, we have identified several challenges

  1. Stagnant business growth
  2. Declined sales of parts and labour
  3. Customer complaints are high as 9%
  4. Inferior repair quality
  5. Very high vehicle Turn Around Time
  6. Improper usage of consumables
  7. Inadequate business intelligence of middle management staff and technicians
  8. Lack of key equipment
  9. Poor equipment maintenance
  10. Infrastructural limitations

The improvements:

The post we rectifying the infrastructural limitations the repair quality and speed had commenced to improve. With our robust and intense coaching and training programĀ  we could witness growth in all business parameters

After our business process implementation over a period of six months, the Bodyshop regained business stability. Moreover, we could control the manpower attrition.

Currently, the Bodyshop meets its monthly business target regularly and on their way to meet their business potential and market share

Behind the scenes:

The management team was spontaneous in providing support in terms of investing in infrastructure which included some key equipment and processes along with investments in quality manpower. Here we have initiated some longterm business and customer retention measures at this site

The team rose up to the situation and quickly adopted the changes, which resulted in meeting the business objectives and employee and customer satisfaction

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