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Effectively Utilize and Optimize Your Bodyshop Infrastructure and ResourcesOptimize Bodyshop Resources

We take into consideration four bodyshop aspects while analyzing your business: Man, Machine, Material, and Method
Effective utilization of manpower

During this analysis, we assess your manpower skill level, training needs, quantity, and recruitment process based on the business projection, and provide you with solutions for both short- and long-term business goals
Optimum utilization of Infrastructure and equipment

Our experts perform an assessment and guide to ensure maximum utilization of your infrastructure. We also provide inputs in the event of any changes to ensure that you meet your business objectives
Meticulous material selection for delivering repair quality and speed

The term ‘materials’ refers to spare parts, paint chemicals and consumables used in bodyshop. We do a deep dive into the procurement process, supply frequencies, quality, usage, cost and handling of the aforementioned materials to provide you with the best set of possibilities
Concrete availability and practice of key bodyshop processes

The bodyshop business processes start right from the vehicle reception upto the delivery of the vehicle. We validate and optimize each of the bodyshop business processes to meet your business objectives, some of them being revenue and customer satisfaction

Human capital Optimization

Skilled and efficient manpower is integral to a successful bodyshop business

We assess your manpower to identify the skill level, training needs and quantity.We then we validate the recruitment process of your bodyshop. Based on this analysis , we make a role-specific training, mentoring, and coaching strategy to enhance the skill level of your employees

Optimization of Infrastructure

Optimized infrastructure is a vital function for optimizing bodyshop production, getting a faster return on investment and minimizing operational cost

We ensure that the infrastructure and equipment you have invested in is utilized efficiently and optimally as per industry standards. It is within our bandwidth to redesign the job-flow, selecting new equipment and, in turn, facilitate the fulfillment of business goals


How to perform a self-evaluation of your Bodyshop Business?

A self-check, by asking the following questions, will help you get insights on whether your bodyshop business is in the right direction
How to understand bodyshop market share?

While calculating your market share it is important to understand the market potential.
The potential of body and paint business of a bodyshop is nothing but the multiplication of the accident rate to the number of vehicles in the market.

The collision rate or accident rate varies with the type of city, the driving habits of the people, and the type of public infrastructure you have- like roads, parking, etc.

Kindly avoid depending on competitor data or indecisive numbers available from various sources to decide and target your market share.

How to calculate the bodyshop business potential?

Bodyshop business potential can be calculated by multiplying the collision rate or accident rate with the active car park of your bodyshop/dealership.

When you invest or plan for bodyshop business, calculating this will be the most important thing you need to do in order to ensure a timely return on investment

What should be the bodyshop business target?

Understanding the business potential will help you to set the right target, which is crucial for ensuring the right amount of investments, in terms of infrastructure and manpower.

While deriving the bodyshop target you must understand the market potential, industry trends, market coverage, bodyshop production capacity, etc.

In most cases, the business owners are nescient in setting the right target for bodyshops, which results in revenue loss, customer dissatisfaction, and employee demotivation.

Are the bodyshop operating costs are in the right direction?

Most of the bodyshops depend on the numbers given by the third party here. In the market, many parties may come out with various percentages. However, at the end of the day, those numbers will not provide you with any actionable nor results.

Firstly, to ensure that you are in the right direction, you need to have a mechanism to understand your overall consumption of paint and ancillary materials.
To authenticate the same, you also need to ensure that the production team follows the correct repair methods.

In brief, first, you need to ensure that the correct repair process is in place in order to control the cost of consumables

Is the business having the right growth?

If your bodyshop output (number of repairs) is growing with respect to your active UIO, you can assume that you are having a healthy business growth. If only your labour and parts sales are increasing, and the number of repairs is only fluctuating, it means that you are having a non-sustainable growth

If all these parameters are stagnant over 6 months you need to consider that your business is not having any growth


Material Management Optimization

Optimizing the supply chain within the bodyshop eco-system is crucial for achieving the business objectives

The term materials refers to spare parts, paint chemicals, consumables and various ancillaries and accessories that are used in the bodyshop business. We train your team to be capable enough to manage and optimize the supply chain to engage in hassle-free operations

Bodyshop Process Optimization

Redesigning and adjusting the entire bodyshop process to minimize operating costs and maximize output as well as efficiency

The bodyshop business experience starts right from vehicle reception until providing the most well-satisfied user experience. We validate and optimize each of the bodyshop processes to provide value addition to you and your customers. We eventually help you shoot up your revenue and market penetration through a more efficient business process


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