EquipmentThe new-gen Paint Gun- Sagola 3300 GTO in India now

March 18, 2020by bodyshopindia
Bodydhop guru tested Sagola GTo 3300

About the product 

Dentmasters – SAGOLA 3300 GTO -the Paint Gun with the highest SAGOLA manufacturing standards, with strict compliance to meet the most demanding standards of industry users and emissions of solvents, with HVLP system.

Its new forged body and more ergonomic design together with the highest quality and efficiency nozzles, make a more attractive and versatile spray gun with excellent value for money offering a wide range of solutions for different painting applications.

Available in 4 nozzle Sizes 1.2,1.3,1.4 and 1.8

How this equipment can contribute to the bodyshop business?

It offers 4 different nozzle sizes to choose, based on the skill level of the paint technicians. The nozzle sizes which will play vital roles in paint quality & material consumption.

It has got less moving components, which makes cleaning and maintenance easy and cost-effective.

Is it a cost-effective solution?

Yes. It is a cost-effective solution without compromising performance. All its competitors are 30% more costly

Does it require high skill levels?

It is very easy to operate due to lightness. This gun doesn’t require any special skill set to operate

How is the after-sales support?

The suppliers are Dent masters Corporation and they have a proven track record in providing excellent customer support

How we tested?

We have tested this gun at a large bodyshop, which produces 400 vehicles per month. The gun was extensively used for both topcoats as well as base-coat applications over a period of time.

We are happy with the paint finish, user-friendliness, easy to clean, low material consumption properties of this gun.

The opinion of Bodyshopguru: Highly  Recommended