EquipmentAiropower System from Dentmasters Corporation- Review

June 21, 2019by bodyshopindia218
Airpower system

About the product

This is a pneumatic body repair kit (push-pull equipment )with a capacity of 5 tons (Remember the most of the crash repair system dozers offer 10 tons pulling force). This is used for cosmetic as well as structural repairs

How this equipment can contribute to the bodyshop business?

This equipment saves a lot of time in body repairing or and aligning the medium to heavy damages. This equipment can save the repair time almost 70 percentage while compared with the traditional repair methods. Also, this equipment offers maximum safety for human as well as the vehicle.

This also can be combined with any measurement system. The sleek and efficient design offers unlimited repair options for the technicians even in limited access areas of the vehicle body

How this equipment contributes to bodyshop revenue?

Faster repairs will reduce vehicle turn around time, the durable design improves the repair quality, easy to operate will increase the productivity of the manpower. All these will be resulted in to increase in revenue

Is it a cost-effective solution?

This is a very cost-effective solution, and also the supplier offers various add on kits for your specific requirements

Does it require high skill levels?

It is a very easy to operate – machine, which can be easily handled by moderated skilled technicians as well

Is there any operating cost?

There are no consumables required other than the pneumatic air

How is the aftersales support?

The suppliers are Dent masters Corporation and they have a proven track record in providing excellent customer support

The opinion of Bodyshopguru:
We strongly recommend Airopower. A piece of must-have equipment for all types of Bodyshops


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