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The team have over 20+ years experience in bodyshop and Auto-Aftersales Business

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BodyshopGuru is a premier destination for all products and services related to bodyshop after-sales business. We specialize in professional consulting for the auto retail businesses, with remarkable competence extending into auto after-sales, market studies , after-sales revenue, strategizing , providing support in various activities to vehicle manufactures, and so on.

With industry maestros, we make optimum use of the 20+ years of experience of our consultants, thereby providing you with tailor-made and effective solutions in the auto-aftersales industry. Our holistic business solutions arise from a profound comprehension of your company, the market it caters to, the industry and its factors, and all the other dynamic parameters that are involved in the bodyshop business.

Bodyshop Guru caters not only to the mass segment but also has proven experience with the luxury segments of auto after-sales business. Besides such a horizontal exposure, we are also open to working with vehicle manufacturers and dealerships across the globe. Our international footing is further strengthened by our cumulative global exposure and experience in various business activities such as

● Market surveys for various vehicle manufacturers
● Strategy planning for vehicle manufacturers as well as dealership firms
● Developing various programs based on the strategy finalized with the findings of detailed market surveys
● Support to vehicle manufacturers for achieving their regional business goals
● Coaching and mentoring for various skilled people – both technical & commercial
● Piloting and execution of programs
● Supplier management such as paints, consumables, and equipment
● Facility planning, design, and execution
● Various aftersales business improvement programs

Our mission is to provide noteworthy consulting services for auto businesses, and we envision to become a consulting force to be reckoned with in the bodyshop sector. We aim at delivering highly effective results that are market-relevant, customized, growth-inducing and comprehensive.
Let your auto aftersales business achieve new milestones through our services!

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